"Osteria" is the term chosen on purpose to characterize this place. The word conveys immediately that here is "home cooking" as did the mothers and grandmothers in the good old days. Titian and his family have been dealing with years of gastronomy , ensuring in particular its uniqueness and quality of the products used in the kitchen. in our area you can stock up on raw materials of excellence, the gastronomic tradition is rich in strong flavors and old. in our rooms you can appreciate these traditions together with the ' friendly welcome, the simple and nice service and pleasant environment. the 80 seats inside are distributed in cozy rooms and elegant, obtained the renovation of the ground floor of an ancient palace in the historical center. in the beautiful season a delightful inner garden offers 50 seats in the atmosphere characteristic of a Sicilian patio. Here you can also organize banquets and ceremonies, or simply enjoy our typical local cuisine menu or delicious pizzas cooked in a wood oven (in the summer are also prepared to lunch).


The typical cuisine of the territory of Scicli (Ragusa and in general) is a typical home cooking, which preserves the traditional dishes. Meat, pork or beef (the famous Modica) derived from animals reared in the countryside, grazing; even the milk that produces mozzarella and cheeses comes from these animals, so you can enjoy a "Ragusano PDO" or a fragrant ricotta and find the scent of fields and carob crops. The agricultural products are for local strength, this is the area that produces the best vegetables, the cherry tomatoes of Pachino, the eggplant with peppers, beans from elle lentils. The pasta dishes are made with fresh pasta such as ravioli with sago, the "cavatelli" (to taste also served with cabbage and tomatoes). The meat is cooked with the sauce, using the famous "strattu", or boiled, or grilled vegetables with elle. You can also enjoy the fish in the area, booking it, to have the guarantee of freshness.
The winery mainly provides local wines, such as Nero d'Avola and Cerasuolo di Vittoria, with some hiking in white wines of Syracuse and dell'agrigentino. A separate chapter deserve the pizzas, made with genuine products and cooked in a wood oven. We suggest you try them.